At PPO, we always mobilize the relevant experts in our network for the various endeavours and missions we are set to achieve. While they all have extensive peacebuilding experience, they also have a large range of different expertise. You can discover some of them below. 

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Organizational Development eXPERT

Zainab has always supported the development of various peacebuilding ventures with energy, empathy and excitement. She is an organizational development professional and peacebuilding practitioner. Over the past 11 years working with national and international civil society organizations she has gained progressive experience leading diverse portfolios, including civil society networks management, organizational development, public policy advocacy, peacebuilding programming, and research. She served as a Senior Organizational Development Advisor for PPO and is an acting member of the Iraqi Al Amal Org. Previously, she was Head of the Peacebuilding Approach Unit at GIZ, Networks Manager of Sanad for Peacebuilding, and Advocacy Manager with Mercy Corps.


She has a Program Management Development - Executive Level certification from the Maastricht School of Management, a Program Management Certification from APMG international, and an Entrepreneurship - Leadership certification from Portland University. She also holds a BA in computer science and programming from the College for Economical Science of Baghdad University.


Carmel is specialized and passionate about minorities affairs, psycho-social support, conflict resolution, women empowerment, and the fight against gender-based violence. She believes life is a learning journey and prides herself on contributing to peacebuilding processes in her country. She works as a consultant, trainer, and university teacher. She is also a member of the Network of Iraqi facilitators.


At the University of Duhok, she teaches social planning, urban and rural sociology, educational planning, and anthropology. As a consultant and a trainer, she worked with ACTED, UNESCO, UNFPA, IOM, GIZ, the United States Institute of Peace, Norwegian People’s Aid, and a large range of Iraqi NGOs.

research Expert

Aaso is a researcher located at the intersection of security and politics. He is the co-director of Social Inquiry; in his role at Social Inquiry, Aaso has focused on exploring how political dynamics, reconciliation needs, and security configurations combine in the aftermath of conflict – with a particular focus on the disputed territories of Iraq. He also serves as an advisor to the Dialogue Advisory Group.


Prior to co-starting Social Inquiry, he served as news assistant covering the Mosul Offensive for The Washington Post and as a research assistant with the Middle East Research Institute. In addition, as Kirkuk-native he worked with the U.S. Military, including the Army Corps of Engineers. His academic background is in Political Science and International Relations from the School of Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg. 

conflict resolution and peacebuilding

Khogir specializes in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. As a researcher at Social Inquiry, he investigates prospects for building peace, resolving conflicts, and entrenching coexistence, with a special lens on the disputed territories and the minorities in Iraq. Khogir has conducted extensive research on these topics while at the Middle East Research Institute.


He is a Fulbright Scholar with an M.A. in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management-Brandeis University. He also holds a second M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Nottingham.