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Haider gains fulfillment through helping others and serving his community. He has a unique capacity to put things in perspective and strategically lead any team or project he is responsible for. He has over 10 years uninterrupted track record in designing and managing the implementation of peacebuilding interventions across Iraq, whereby he led successful interventions to mitigate the waves of violent conflicts after Speicher Massacre in Saladin, or the peace agreements in Ayadhiyah subdistrict of Tal Afar, Southwest Kirkuk, and the Yathrib subdistrict of Saladin. He also led the programming that resulted in establishing and institutionalizing peacebuilding mechanisms at the sub-national level in Saladin, Anbar and Nineveh as well as the establishment of the Countering Violent Extremism Strategies for the governorates of Anbar and Nineveh.  Under his peacebuilding and organizational development capacities, he led the institutional development of the Network of Iraqi Facilitators and the Alliance of Iraqi Minorities as specialized peacebuilding networks that aim to highlight and address the drivers of tensions and conflicts via outcome-driven dialogues processes and advocacy.


Haider was the pioneer Executive Director of Sanad for Peacebuilding, the leading Iraqi peacebuilding NGO. Before Sanad, he worked with the US. Institute of Peace (USIP) as local advisor, and effectively contributed to the success of USIP’s transition strategy in Iraq to Sanad. With Management Systems International, Haider worked as a Quality Management local advisor where he provided technical support to different ministries in Iraq under the capacity of the Iraq Administrative Reform project funded by USAID. In the Iraqi Private Sector, Haider led the Organizational Development Department at Zain Iraq Telecom, a leading telecommunication company in Iraq for four years. He also Co-Founded BE | Developing People, an Iraqi Organizational Development Company. With the government of Iraq, Haider served as a Media Operations Manager at the Government Communications Directorate-Prime Minister’s Office from 2005 to 2007, and he successfully contributed to the design and implementation of an initiative to hand over the International Press Center to the Iraqi administration in 2006. He also managed the VIP voting center during Iraq’s first elections in 2005, and the national campaign regarding the Iraq’s constitution after 2003. 

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Clara is a cosmopolitan product of the French city of Marseille. Driven by an intense desire to understand her surroundings, she is always looking at new ways to make local realities intersect with technical models and approaches. Her optimism guides her in her constant search for solutions. While conflict is inevitable, she is convinced there is no conflict that cannot be resolved. Her areas of interests include community reconciliation, track II mediation and transitional justice. 

Over the past few years, Clara has developed a solid understanding of peacebuilding approaches. Prior to starting her journey with Peace Paradigms, she previously worked with Concordis International, a British peacebuilding NGO, and with Sanad for Peacebuilding, a leading local peacebuilding NGO in Iraq. Before moving and starting to work in Iraq, she lived in Cairo, Egypt, where she did an intensive Arabic study. She holds a master's degree in Conflicts and Development Studies from the French political sciences school Sciences Po Lille. She is fluent in English and French and has a working knowledge of Arabic and Spanish.

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Radwa  is an interfaith dialogue practitioner and expert with more than 17 years of professional experience. She has always been driven by passion throughout her peacebuilding journey. Before joining Peace Paradigms in 2021, Radwa served ten years in Lebanon with a regional and international scope of work. Most recently, with Berghof Foundation from 2017 to 2020 through supporting different projects aiming at strengthening the intra-Sunni dialogue in the MENA region, preventing and addressing violent extremism through community resilience in the MENA region and the Western Balkans.

Before Berghof Foundation, Radwa has managed many projects and local initiatives, mainly in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Iraq on civil peace, conflict transformation and social cohesion. In addition, she has been heavily involved in combating different manifestations of extremism and strengthening community's resilience against radicalization and polarization.



She holds a MA in Christian Muslim Studies from Saint Joseph University in Beirut and a BSc in political science from Cairo University. Currently, she is a PhD student in religious science at the Faculty of Religious Science, Saint Joseph University.

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Teeba is dedicated to serving the best interest of her community and doing all that is in her power to improve her country and the lives of its citizens. She thrives in interacting and building relationships with all types of stakeholders and despite community divides.


Teeba started to work in the civil society sector by working as  a translator for international NGOS such as Pax, Catholic Relief Services and Un Ponte Per, and was engaged in a comprehensive series of programmes and publications relating to violence prevention, social inclusion, youth empowerment, women’s inclusion and empowerment, reconciliation and healing, post-war recovery and peace consolidation. Before joining PPO, she also worked supporting the implementation of programs in several well-known Iraqi NGOs such as Sanad for Peacebuilding and the Iraqi Center for Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management.


She holds MSc degree in Linguistics and Translation from the University of Mosul and she is looking to pursue a PhD in the field of peace studies.