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PEACE PARADIGMS is a private consulting company, based in Iraq, established to deliver context-specific solutions for peacebuilding actors to achieve holistic and effective results through their conflict mitigation and prevention efforts.


Iraq remains a fragile state deeply traumatized and divided by 30 years of war, sanctions, occupation, and civil strife. Despite already high levels of violence, the country has faced further instability and renewed conflict since the rise of ISIS and the subsequent tensions that their rise either created or exacerbated. The vision and strategic direction to establish a long-standing status of peace and stability in Iraq leading to its sustainable development do not yet exist, or at least are not yet streamlined.


This leaves a massive gap in terms of designing and implementing peacebuilding programming that speaks to pre-existing strategies at the national and sub-national levels. Adding to this complexity, the resources and capacities of the peacebuilding actors in Iraq still need to be optimized to effectively tackle conflict drivers. Moreover, the changing dynamics of local realities still need to be further investigated and analyzed in order to be at the center of peacebuilding efforts of both national and international actors. 


Building off our capacity to bridge the local realities and the technical paradigms and methodologies, Peace Paradigms aims to provide holistic, innovative, and tailored solutions to peacebuilding actors whether national or international to foster sustainable and positive peace.

We intend to become by 2025 a prime reference that effectively contributes to policy-making and strategy development towards the realization of long-term peace.


The path towards positive peace is a collective one. We do not side with any actor or agenda and believe the unbiased inclusion of all actors is key to building peace. We trust that all parties to conflict can become peace actors. 


In ever-changing contexts altered by complex dynamics, there is no "one size fits all". To improve the relevance and the effectiveness of peacebuilding efforts, we believe that community and policy responses need to be driven and informed by localized realities.


The journey to peace needs to be reflective of its end goal. We work collaboratively by bringing together all relevant stakeholders and harmonizing peacebuilding efforts with the community needs in order to achieve long-standing societal agreement, wellbeing and ability to coexist by choice.

1. To effectively contribute and influence local and national level policy making in Iraq, to be informed by and responsive to community needs and to address the drivers of conflicts at the national and sub-national levels.


2. To increase the impact and effectiveness of peacebuilding interventions in the MENA region through context-informed technical support to peacebuilding actors.


3. To increase the organizational and technical knowledge and capacity of local and international actors to enhance the design and implementation of programming that supports positive peace.


4. To inform peacebuilding actors in order to streamline funding, strategies and interventions in Iraq, as well as to highlight success and lessons learned.


5. To achieve thematic and institutional credibility both internally and externally.

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