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How do we work?

The convictions that guide us:

1. Effective peacebuilding solutions are rooted in reliable and relevant information. We promote adapted and adaptive data as key to exerting adequate solutions to conflicts. PPO provides in-depth analyses and produces information to help peacebuilding actors design insightful and innovative solutions.


2. There is no standardized answer to the question “What works and what does not work in peacebuilding”. The extensive knowledge, experience and network of our team constitute an adept resource to tailor suitable solutions to mitigate and prevent conflicts and support peacebuilding actors in their journey towards positive peace. We consider ourselves connectors; we foster cooperation between different actors, collect different ideas, merge different approaches and align different visions, in order to create mutually impactful programming


3. We believe that empowering peace actors is  key to laying groundwork for effective and sustainable peacebuilding efforts. Our empowerment solutions embrace a complete cycle. We create development strategies for individuals, community and organizations, and we design and apply empowerment solutions based on their needs.  To empower relevant actors, we first asses their capacities in order to tailor our response to their needs. In addition, our capacity-building services are paired with mentoring and coaching services as a follow-up mechanism. We believe that this contributes to the sustainability and impact of our services.


4. We envision our work as a process more than as a product; therefore, we highly value the learnings that can be extracted from past and current peacebuilding efforts. PPO has a deep organizational commitment to excellence in monitoring and evaluating peacebuilding interventions. Thorough monitoring allows for immediate adaptations and strategic re-directions as needed, and  comprehensive evaluations constitute essential material for learning. We use and permanently work on the development of innovative tools that can best capture the progress and impact of peacebuilding interventions. 

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