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Research the Requirements for Reconciliation of the Ezidi Community and Work Towards Realizing them 

During the invasion of northern Iraq by ISIS in the summer 2014, thousands of Ezidi civilians were killed or kidnapped by the terrorist group. The Ezidi populated areas were often surrounded by Muslim villages with which they had a long history of peaceful coexistence. However, they believe that many of their neighbors/fellow Iraqis/etc., especially Sunni Arabs, joined with ISIS when the terrorist group attacked Ezidis, and therefore they not only abandoned them in the hands of the terrorist groups but also actively participated to the atrocities that were committed against them. PPO consultants supported GIZ in assessing and validating this issue through a grassroots survey with more than 500 individuals, assessing the requirements for reconciliation for Ezidis, after these requirements were first identified through Ezidi community leaders during consultations conducted by other GIZ partners.

The assessment highlights Ezidi demands related to justice, truth-seeking and reparations along with ways to address them. It is aimed at informing peacebuilding actors, whether national or international, about the prerequisite conditions that will allow for peaceful coexistence between Ezidis and other communities and what needs to be done for Ezidis to be able to come to terms with the past. Along with other partners, PPO continues to advocate for these requirements and working towards their realization.

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