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Develop a toolkit for the effective design and implementation of local peace processes in Iraq

Building off our report Local Peace Processes and Agreements in Iraq: Reflections and Lessons Learned recently developed with the support of IOM, PPO seeks to develop a comprehensive toolkit to further consolidate lessons learned and best practices, provide tools and guidance, and highlight case studies related to the effective design and implementation of local peace processes in Iraq. It will focus especially on local community stakeholder reflections on how these processes should be conducted to ensure that dialogues and resulting agreements are actionable, inclusive, and sustainable. This toolkit will draw on the experiences from a broad community of practice, including local and international peacebuilding practitioners, government agencies, and local community stakeholders involved in past peace processes.

PPO will organize a series of consultation sessions with, among others, local and international organizations, Iraqi government agencies, members of local peace committees, signatories of existing local peace agreements, members of communities where local peace agreements already exist, and other key community actors engaged previously in designing and implementing local peace processes. They will aim at capturing lessons learned, best practices, reflections, and suggested approaches for improvement. This will be conducted jointly with IOM, with PPO providing technical inputs and local perspectives, while IOM provides overall leadership on drafting and comparative expertise. 


PPO will strive to make the toolkit accessible to the broader community of practice, with particular attention given to relevant government actors in Iraq and local peace structures. 

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