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Assist in the rehabilitation, return, and reintegration of families with perceived links with extremist groups

In the aftermath of ISIS, the plight of individuals who are not criminally liable but perceived by their community to be ISIS affiliates – often because of the involvement with the terrorist group of one of their relatives – remains unknown as the majority of them are in situation of protracted displacement, often in isolation camps, and on the margins of society. PPO, in partnership with  the International Organization for Migration (IOM), has been assisting  both governmental and community actors to deal with the rehabilitation, return and reintegration of families perceived to be affiliated with ISIS in their communities, in order to reduce their risk of (re-)radicalization.


Therefore, between October 2019 and May 2020 key actors from the liberated governorates of Nineveh, Saladin and Anbar have been consulted - including administrative actors, tribal leaders, judiciary actors, security actors and others - to understand the current situation and conditions that may or may not allow for the return and reintegration of families who may be perceived as affiliated with ISIS but are not criminally liable; an assessment to understand the conditions and specific mechanisms that have allowed for the return of these families in certain areas has been conducted; communication with government officials has been established and pilot activities at the local level have been initiated in order to create the necessary conditions for the rehabilitation, return and reintegration of individuals who are perceived to be affiliated with ISIS, starting with Shirqat district in Saladdin governorate.


Later in 2020, targeted support was provided to "local reconciliation committees" in Shirqat district in Saladdin, organic local bodies composed of tribal leaders, security actors and other community figures who have been enabling the return of families with a perceived affiliation with ISIS by conducting shuttle mediation between them and families victims of ISIS crimes, reaching a common agreement on conditions to allow for their return. 

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