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Participants of the bi-annual Exchange Workshop of District Working Groups (DWGs), as part of the GIZ program Strengthening Resilience in Dealing with Crises and Conflicts in Ninewa (SRN). The DWGs represent a flexible and dynamic network of actors at the district-level, who have the ability and resources to intervene in sensitive and complex conflict resolution, based on the needs of citizens and considering conflict sensitivity and Do-No-Harm. 

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Climate security challenges in Iraq

Berghof Foundation and Peace Paradigms hosted a roundtable in Erbil on July 13, 2023, to discuss climate security challenges in Iraq. The event brought together Iraqi and international experts, including representatives from the Federal government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government, Consulate General of Germany in Erbil and civil society.

The roundtable focused on current efforts, needs, and opportunities to address climate security challenges in Iraq.


PEACE PARADIGMS ORGANISATION (PPO) is a private consulting company, established in 2019 to deliver context-specific solutions for peacebuilding actors to achieve holistic and effective results through their conflict mitigation and prevention efforts.


PPO is committed to providing effective and innovative solutions to understand and address some of the most complex conflicts. With positive peace as our goal, PPO embraces and engages multiple factors affecting peace and stability. 

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